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4 Tips for Keeping Teeth and gums Healthy

Everyone knows that daily flossing and brushing teeth are vital in maintaining a health smile.  Here are 5 more tips that can help your smile shine brighter.

How long should you brush your teeth?

Two minutes with soft gental round strokes is the ideal lenth of time.  Brushing your teeth the wrong way can cause receeding gums and this is seen when you brush hard and fast.  Instead, protect your gums by using gental soft strokes over 2 minutes as this is enough time to scrap off the plaque from your teeth.  Avoid treating teeth brushing as a choir and take the small amount of time to protect your gums.  Be patient and take the 2 minutes to keep that smile bright and shiny.

When should you replace your toothbrush?

You should replace your toothbrush at the first sign of wear and tear or every three to four months.  A damaged brush can cause your gums to receed.  Soyou should not continue to use your brush at the first sign of wear and tear.  In addition to that, regularly replacing your brush once every three to four months will also help keep your smile in tip top shape.

Can interminttent fasting help maintain your teeth?

Yes, the more often you eat and the amount of food you eat gives bacteria more chances to grow and turn into plaque.  Reducing the frequency of your meals will reduce number of chances bacteria can get stuck between your teeth.  In addition to that, limit the amount of sweets you have in your diet as sugary sweets are the idea food source for plaque.

How often should you visit your dentist?

You need a regular checkup every 6 months with your dentist make sure your smile is in tip top shape.  During these visits you will get a professional cleaning that will remove the hard placque buildup.  Hard plaque can’t be removed from regular brushing and so it is important to do this during your regular checkup.

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