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How to fix a broken tooth in Grand Prairie TX

A broken or cracked tooth is considered a dental emergency and must be treated in our Grand Prairie Texas office.  There is nothing you can do on your own to repair the damaged tooth, so make sure you reach out to someone at our office for help.  If you can’t get to our office immediately, you can try and minimize any pain with something ibuprofen and stay away from hot or cold foods.


What can you do at home for a fractured or cracked tooth?

First, make sure you book an appointment with your dentist.  Below are a list of things you can do before seeing your dentist:

  • Warm water can be used to rinse your mouth
  • Use a gauze if there is any bleeding by applying pressure
  • Cold packs can be used on your cheeks to reduce any swelling
  • use a pain reliver


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